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Growth Marketing Principles for Startup Unicorns

Are you a startup and are looking for ways through which your company can stand out in the crowd?

Well then, digital marketing is what you need.

So, if you do not know much about growth marketing principles, then you have reached the right place. 

Here, you will find all the growth marketing principles explained in detail.

Along with this, you will learn about how these can help you grow your startup into a big empire within a little time.

1.Create a Delusional Plan

When we say be delusional, it means that you should have the power to be imaginative. It is very important for everyone to be highly imaginative if you want your business to soar up to the clouds easily and in no time.

This also means that you need to be open to taking risks and being crazy as that is what will help your business grow faster. 

With the power of delusion, you can easily create a crazy marketing plan for your startup business and begin working on it.

Think about where you see your business in 8 years. Give it a crazy thought. For instance, you can imagine becoming a massive empire within eight years of your business incorporation. 

With this thought in mind, you will be compelled to work towards making your dreams come true.

In fact, your actions will align with your thoughts, and you will end up seeing that all your thoughts are becoming true.

To explain better, if you have a crazy plan and tell someone, you will get things like “why are you planning to ruin your life?” or “it will not work at all.” But with the will-power and the delusion-power, you can make the crazy plan come true.

All you need to do is think out of the box and make the craziest marketing plan you can think of for your startup. With this, the power of delusion will help in painting the right vision for you.

With this vision, you will find your company turning into what you had imagined it to be, even if it was just a delusion at first.  

Note: The plan we are talking about here is the digital marketing plan for the startup business idea that you have. If you follow this, even if it is the recession period, you will easily be able to rock your company and take it to a level no one would have imagined that it could reach.

2. Search for Your Growth Hack

Now, with the marketing plan that you have in place, do not expect to succeed in it easily. Not everything will work perfectly for you and your company.

Some companies have to add in little efforts and can easily get huge conversion rates within no time. But some companies have to put in a lot of effort to get just enough conversion rates.

So, the idea for you here is that you need to try out everything that comes under digital marketing. Try out all the crazy and tough strategies too. See the things that work well with your website.

Track and analyze the outcome. That is how you will be able to decide which plan is better for your company and how it will help you grow faster. 

Once you reach this place, you can ignore all the other parts you have been wasting time on and begin using the plan that you are sure will help you. Just to be clear, if you decide to ignore the need to try out everything before you can find the best digital marketing strategy for your company, then you are going the wrong way. 

You can end up spending money, time, and resources to get nothing in return. So, it is very important for you to be crazy enough to try everything and pick out the plans that work best for you.

That is the next step towards growing your startup business.

3.Expand Your Business

Once you have figured out the right growth hack that can work for your business, implement it immediately. Put all your energy in working on this idea.

As soon as you do this, you will find yourself and your company on the expressway towards success and instant growth. You will find your delusional idea turning into reality. 

Note: Even though you find your perfect hack, do not mistake it to be something that will work forever. Marketing strategies and plans change every year.

With the digital era here, new ideas and rules keep coming in the market. So, after a while, remember to re-check things and pick up the best hack to keep your company on the right track towards its growth. 

So, Are You Ready to Hit the Growth Expressway?

If yes, this is how you can do it. Basically, if you want to make your way into the lands of the unicorns, you need to have a very delusional and bold vision when it comes to your marketing strategies.

This vision is what will help you in finding your marketing hack and growth hack that you need. And once you have found the best hack for your marketing plan, all you need to do is implement it immediately.

Just to be clear, there are many great companies out there who have not so great marketing campaigns and strategies. And the only thing stopping them from becoming great is the craziness that they need to add in their plan.

So, if you are planning to play safe, then well, you are not on the expressway. And if you want to get on the expressway, these three main growth principles is what you need to follow strictly. Become creative & take risks!

There you have it. I hope this piece of content brought great value to you and your business.

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I simply love providing your business with value – nothing less, nothing more

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