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Growth Marketing Canvas

The Growth Marketing Canvas was created by Dominic Banguis specifically for startup founders, marketers and growth hackers with a 1-Page visual guide of the target customer’s journey from the various stages of the funnel from acquisition all the way to referral. 


It takes inspiration from other canvases but also integrates key sections on monitoring metrics and conversion rates that provide feedback in each phase.

Why Growth Marketing Canvas?

This canvas gives a complete 1-Page overview of startup marketing campaigns and performance. It simplifies marketing methodologies to a single page that you can easily review. Visualizing your growth marketing strategy in one page

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 10.05.14 PM.png

The Growth Marketing Canvas

Simple - Compared to developing a marketing plan, which might take weeks or months, you can design numerous channels on a canvas in minutes.


Straightforward - The Growth Marketing canvas forces you to simplify your strategy's foundation.


Shareable - A single page is much easier to share with others, so it will be viewed by more people and reviewed more frequently.

Effective - This template is built on years of successful startup growth campaigns and may ‌draft out your marketing plan or provide an update to your management team.

Awesome! Your copy of the Growth Marketing Canvas should be in your inbox within 24 hours.

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