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10 Proven Steps I Took to Skyrocket Ecommerce Sales from Zero to $200K in Just 30 Days

Updated: Mar 1

Constraints produce focus, creativity, and innovative out-of-the-box solutions to get the job done.

Over the last 14 years, I've worked with multiple startups across the globe. There have been so many changes with new tools and platforms coming up every year, but the core elements and frameworks of successful growth marketing remain the same.

As a growth marketer for several brands and companies, I can honestly say that it was not easy. It was pure hustle and hard work to get things done. I know that having the right strategy and methodology to implement, I was able to help Renaud air, an international e-commerce company from $0 to $200,000 in just 30 days.

Here’s the story.

We had no marketing budget.

I was hired to bring growth to the company. However, I had no large-scale budget to work with.

Challenge Accepted.

Budget limitations, however inconvenient it may have been, was the spark that led me to consistently test out ideas on how to further increase inbound traffic, build our email list, increase conversions, and ultimately increase monthly online sales.

I set myself a target of $100,000 which was possible, but right in front of me, I had the challenge of working with an e-commerce website that had multiple SEO errors, high bounce rates, low conversions, and dipping online sales.

I understood quickly that I had to be efficient given the resources that I had to work with.

So let’s start off, shall we?