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Crypto and Blockchain Marketing Best Practices, Tips, and Strategies

If you want to expand your crypto business, you need a crypto and blockchain-specific marketing strategy — since all the competition right now is strong, after all.

In fact, despite a barrage of negative headlines in recent weeks, blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors are still in full swing and remain unstoppable.

For example, global spending on blockchain-powered solutions is expected to reach $11.7 billion by the end of 2022. Similarly, the cryptocurrency business is expected to grow to $4.94 billion by 2023, up from $1.49 billion in 2020.

As both markets expand, new blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses will require more than “traditional” marketing to reach their potential customers.

They require a comprehensive blockchain and cryptocurrency-specific marketing plan that spans several digital channels.

What is the definition of a crypto and blockchain marketing strategy?

A blockchain marketing plan isn't so dissimilar to traditional digital marketing. It also encompasses a variety of marketing sectors, such as content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

The fundamental difference is you're marketing crypto and blockchain projects and crypto businesses.

That means you're aiming for smart customers who rely on data-driven information.

It makes no difference if you're developing a new cryptocurrency or providing blockchain-as-a-service solutions to B2B clients. To make purchasing judgments, potential investors, purchasers, and traders will conduct considerable research.

Why is a blockchain marketing plan necessary?

A blockchain marketing plan that effectively promotes blockchain initiatives necessitates a thorough understanding of your target audience's purchasing process.

You must provide detailed, useful content about your blockchain or cryptocurrency project that applies to their journey.

Because the majority of your target market is blockchain professionals, generic marketing methods will not work. Rather, ramp up your marketing efforts and create content experiences that deliver the correct information at the right time.

More significantly, you must use platforms that potential clients and investors use to conduct research.

7 tried-and-true crypto/ blockchain marketing strategies

Without further ado, here are seven tried-and-true blockchain and cryptocurrency marketing tactics for generating interest in your blockchain project:

1. Make use of communities to your advantage.

Online communities, notably on Reddit and Slack, are popular among cryptocurrency and blockchain aficionados.

They log in to talk about potential Bitcoin replacements, or "Altcoins," share trading tactics, and speculate on the future of cryptocurrency.

To reach these consumers, prioritize your brand's regular presence in the appropriate group or subreddit in your content marketing. Just make sure to contribute by delivering value to users, whether it's through publishing guidelines or answering questions.

Here are some of the best crypto subreddits you can join:

  • r/Altcoin

  • r/CryptoCurrencies

  • r/blockchain

  • r/Crypto_General

  • r/CryptoMarkets

Why target communities? It works. A single post has the potential to be viewed by active members and can be shared on other groups and networks.

2. Guest posting on reputable websites

B2B buyers of blockchain businesses do not simply scour social media for potential partners.

They read articles on INC, Forbes, and other popular websites during their discovery and research phases.

Make guest posting to such publications your primary goal for content marketing. Guest posting is important to search engine optimization in addition to helping you create awareness.

This is exactly what we did when I was still at COINQVEST. I authored and published several posts on cryptocurrency and payment gateways on high-traffic sites such as Fintech Magazine, Finextra, Fintech Futures and Coinpedia. The average number of readers per post was around 1000. This generated a lot of inbound traffic and several sign-ups.

3. Negative publicity is still PR.

Negative information about your brand has the potential to sway a prospect's choice to buy from you.

You can use social media listening to respond to any bad comments about your brand on social media sites. Reputation management products and services, on the other hand, can assist you to maintain the integrity of your brand on review websites.

According to statistics, 90 percent of buyers are willing to forgive unfavourable evaluations if they are handled professionally.

You can turn negative news into positive press if you can locate and resolve negative reviews.

4. Concentrate on Reputation Management.

The success of your bitcoin marketing plan is dependent on your reputation.

People need to feel that their hard-earned money is in excellent hands if they are to invest it.

That being stated, make sure your social media presence and your own website exude authority. Give enough information about your team, credentials, and previous achievements.

The same holds true for promoting your blockchain-based project.

A smart technique is to collect reviews and testimonials from social media platforms, if available. Make them easily accessible and use them as the focal point of your brand's messaging.

You can do the same with articles from other websites' news and press releases.

5. Get your project listed

Startups go to sites like Cryptolisty or Product Hunt in the hopes of sparking brand interactions.

Other blockchain-based firms that are gaining traction in the community should be mentioned on the site.

Upvotes allow product listings on the site to be listed on the top page. As a result, make sure your listing is supported by aggressive promotion efforts on your end.

Joining and becoming an active part of the Product Hunt community is a must-have strategy. You can create new debates or join current ones about topics such as:

  • SEO and marketing

  • Projects on the side

  • Launch Ideas

  • Time administration

  • Growth

  • Developers' Resources

6. Improve your Content Marketing

To achieve traction, blockchain firms require more than simply blog posts and social media promotions.

Instead, they should rethink their content approach and include more high-level, instructive pieces. Case studies, white papers, and visual pitch decks are a few examples.

It's also critical to consider how these pieces of content will be distributed to your target audience.

Integrating them into your email marketing approach is a tried and true method. Instead of releasing industry studies on your website, use them as lead magnets to attract prospective leads.

7. Minimize the use of technical jargon.

If you want to attract potential clients, you must dive into the technical aspects of your blockchain project. However, using language in your content marketing should not utterly alienate newcomers.

Keep in mind that potential investors require complete confidence before investing in new ventures, especially those involving blockchain or cryptocurrency.

There's also a potential that someone who wants to invest in cryptocurrency is accessing your site. And, if they've never owned a cryptocurrency before, blasting them with technical language isn't going to change their thoughts.

As a result, make your educational content accessible to beginners by utilizing basic language and providing ample explanations for key terms.

This was the approach that we took during the growth phase at COINQVEST. The published content that I wrote on the company blog was simple and easy to digest in terms of the information presented. I intently wrote in a tone that anyone either new to crypto or advanced would understand.

Need expert advice on how to market your crypto or blockchain startup?

Do you require an efficient cryptocurrency marketing strategy? Do you want more visitors to your blockchain startup website?

I can assist you in developing an executable marketing strategy that includes crypto and blockchain ads, content marketing, guest posts, influencer marketing, referral programs, press releases, and other tactics.

Request a free consultation with me today to discuss how you plan to disrupt the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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