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You Don’t Want to Miss These Social Media Marketing Metrics in 2019

The attention of the modern consumer has changed. This attention shift towards social media and other forms of online indulgence has brought upon us marketers, many beautiful business opportunities.

Social Media network websites are some of the most used websites in the world. One of the most amazing things this shift has done is that it has brought people with similar interests together online.

These online users have succeeded in creating communities that can be easily targeted by businesses all over the world.

But, in the quest to create a solid social media presence, one should never cease to learn to identify the opportunities and loopholes of one’s social media marketing strategy.

To help you with this, we have brought together a few social media marketing metrics that you just can’t ignore!

So, without any further ado, let’s take a plunge!

1. Audience Growth Rate

You want your brand following to improve every single day. After all, every single action you take on your social media marketing channels is to increase those magic numbers.

Well, the audience growth rate metric helps you track the speed of your social media fan following and growth.

What one should realize is that the speed of the follower growth matters more than the number of followers gained.

The audience growth rate will help you optimize your social media handles in order to attract the right target audience.

Work out the problem of slow follower growth with this social media marketing metric to gain an edge against your competitors.

2. Audience Reach

Advertisers can easily realize the size of their potential audience by taking the reach factor of all their social media accounts, profiles, groups, or pages.

This social media marketing metric will help you improve the depth at which your conveyed messages reach your target audience.

Combined with the engagement rate, this metric becomes a powerful insight tool as it can provide great information as to how many of the people who were reached by the content actually engaged with the content.

To determine the audience reach, you can divide the total number of engagements (like, share, comment, clicks, retweets, etc.) by t