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Content Marketing Metrics 101: Metrics that bring results in 2019

‘Content is king, but Marketing is Queen and runs the household.’

Remember Gary Vaynerchuk saying the above words back in 2017?

Well, the words stand true even today, and the essence of the statement is now being realized by many modern-day advertisers.

It’s a good thing we have started conversing about marketing in addition to creating a content strategy.

But, content marketing is not a one-time thing. The strategy is created only to get optimized and maintained on a regular basis.

As a marketer, it is required of you to know the parameters for measuring the success of a content marketing campaign.

Therefore, we have done our best to mention and discuss the key content marketing metrics that should always be tracked for better strategy optimization.

So, let’s not waste any second and dive right into the content!

1. Total Traffic

Every month, make a note of the traffic you receive. It’s important to know how well your content is getting accepted on the search engine when it shows up. In case you are running offers and promotional campaigns, make sure you exclude any traffic received on the landing pages. Another metric you can target is Total Organic Traffic. It will help you understand the performance of your website on popular search engines like Google.

2. Users by Time of Day

You never want to go wrong with the time of publishing new content. So, how do you know the right time for content publishing? You will have to test different publishing day and time and make a judgment on the basis of traffic received.

3. Returning Traffic

If your content marketing campaign is successful, it will not fail to provide you with returning visitors. Therefore, you must know about your returning visitors. Make sure you track this metric. If it does not show any activity, try auditing your content in order to match the preference of your target audience.

4. Traffic Source Breakdown

You might be running your content marketing campaigns on different mediums and therefore, you are bound to have visitors coming from different sources. You should analyze the traffic for each of these sources and record their performance. These sources can be Organic, Direct, Referral, Email, Paid, Social, other.

5. Best Performing Content

You need to know your best performing content. After all, it is making your website rank on the search engines. Once you have a list of best performing content, you can start optimizing it to help your business grow.

6. Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate will show the effectiveness of the content to make a visitor go further down the content. It is important to have a call to action otherwise you will receive a high bounce rate.

7. Time on Page by Source

Tracking Time on Page segmented for each of the sources we mentioned above will help you understand the effectiveness of the content marketing campaign. With this metric, you will know where you are receiving the highest percentage of target users from.

8. Behaviour Flow

This metric helps you understand the movement of the audience’s focus when consuming your content. This can be extremely helpful if you intend to make your visitors focus on a particular thing on the webpage.

9. Social Media Followers

The quality of your content and content marketing campaign will impact your following on social media without fail. Tracking this metric will help you understand where, which, and why your content is performing the way it is.

10.Engagement Rate

Engagement is how you can check whether the content resonates with your target audience. It is important to always keep track of this metric as it is a clear indication of your content marketing success on social media.

11.Social Shares

You can provide your visitors with social share buttons on your website content as well. This way, if a visitor liked what he/she read, the content can be easily shared on social media. This metric can also contribute to assessing your content marketing success on social media.

12.Alexa Rank

Alexa, by Amazon, can be used for its website ranking tool. This provides you with the website ranking metric that is presented in the descending order. Alexa Rank is a great metric to pursue. But, in order to get a higher ranking, never compromise with user behaviour metrics. You should never want to gain higher ranking by compromising with the quality and intent of the content.

13.Domain Authority

Content Marketing, if successful, can significantly improve the worth and impact of your website on the online landscape. Domain Authority is the content marketing metric you should track as it provides you with a measurement of how high your website is likely to rank on search engines.

14. Total Organic Impressions and Average CTR

Never underestimate the power of Google Search Console. It is a key tool if you are looking to improve your search engine performance. With the help of Google Search Console, you can easily track how many people viewed your result when your website popped up in the search results. Not just that, it also reveals the CTR of each of the inquiries made. Use Google Search Console to track these metrics and improve your content marketing campaigns.

15. Most Clicked pages from Organic results

One of the coolest things Google Search Console does is it provides the performance of each of the search results. Also, you can track the best-performing pages on Google against any search query. Therefore, if you are trying to rank your website for a keyword, you can easily check the content of your competitors who are ranking high for the same keyword. This can help you keep your website’s content relevant and up-to-date.

Over to You

Knowing all the important content marketing metrics is one thing and executing the plans and tracking these metrics is another. To achieve the best content marketing strategies, it is ever more important to experiment and learn.

Content Marketing will help you create a healthy relationship between your brand and potential customers. You don’t want to risk this by not taking the above metrics seriously.

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