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Work with Me - Get Personalized Marketing, Mentorship and Support

I can help you in marketing and growing your business online. Please see below how you can work with me. Read more to find out what suits your needs best. 

One-on-One Marketing Consultation 

This is perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners that need immediate assessment and help with their marketing efforts. In this consultation session,  I'll examine all the issues and marketing pain points that you're going through, and develop a custom marketing strategy and action plan that will give results within 30 to 60 days,  


Marketing Mentorship
(3 Months of Unlimited Consultation )

In this 3-month mentorship program, I will guide aspiring marketers and entrepreneurs through all of the new digital marketing channels, trends, and technologies. I will help you figure out what you need and what you don't. I'll assist you in prioritizing, structuring, and evaluating your marketing plan so that you can achieve your business objectives!


Remote Chief Marketing Officer
(Fractional CMO)


Are you unhappy with the results of your agency's or in-house marketing efforts?   My Fractional CMO service is ideal for moving your marketing department forward using a tried-and-true methodology that produces measurable results.

Full-Service Growth Marketing Team
(3 Months Subscription)


We do the marketing, and you focus on running your business. 

For this service, I bring in my team of specialists who are skilled in many areas, like content marketing, SEO, social media marketing automation, email marketing and so on.


Get access to a complete team that has all the experience and skills needed to carry out growth marketing campaigns. 

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