My CXL Institute CRO Mini Degree-Course Review (Part 2 of 12)

This is my 2nd of 12 blog post review of the CXL Institute’s CRO MiniDegree course.

For this week, I’ve reviewed the Introduction to Conversion Copywriting course as taught by CXL Founder Peep Laja.

The depth of information on this course has been really phenomenal. The course starts off by going through the foundations of copywriting and sharing the essentials for anyone who wants to start off with the proper foundation.

And by far, this week has been the most exciting for me since copywriting is an essential part of marketing. Written words are powerful as it can convey emotions and can prompt the reader to do something. And I feel that every marketer should really dive in and take the time to study copywriting.

Introduction to Conversion Copywriting