My CXL Institute CRO Mini-Degree Course Review (Part 1 of 12)

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

This is the first part of a 12 series blog post review of the Conversion Rate Optimization Mini Degree course provided by the CXL Institute.

What is the CXL Institute?

As a long time reader of their blog, I have always included their blogs as one of my weekly reads in improving my CRO skills as a digital marketer. The wide variety of topics in their blog (not just CRO but also growth hacking) is such an essential knowledge resource. So when the chance for me to review the CRO Mini Degree came up, I really had to dive in head-on.

And obviously seeing the companies that have trained their employees at CXL Institute. It was a convincing social proof. :)

Why is Conversion Optimization Important?

As a professional digital marketer and a lifelong learner of all things about marketing (and its subsequent tactics), I have always been fascinated by how effective Conversion Optimization is in all the campaigns that I have worked with.

In my past projects, I have seen how CRO testing has r